Thursday, April 20, 2017

Glorieta Glassworks

About a year ago I started taking lampwork bead making classes with Julie DeFeo.  She’s an amazing artist living and working in Santa Fe, NM.  Soon after Julie met Linda Sweeney who was in the midst, of opening a glass studio.  Shortly thereafter Glorieta Glassworks was born. 

Linda's Beads
As with any studio, it must inspire creativity.  Glorieta Glassworks does just that, the studio is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains east of Santa Fe.  The integration of nature causes an immediate creative spark.  The modern, spacious work space and the breathtaking landscape will wow you, just like it did me.  The studio is the site of invention and a creative space where functionality is equally important. 

Linda Sweeney & Julie DeFeo

The studio is equipped with 12 work stations which include torches, an elaborate ventilation system, many choices in glass (COE 104), kilns, books, tools, glass beads and of course Linda’s knowledge.  There are also two pretty pups on the property; Cinnamon and Sage.  Be sure you visit Linda's website to see pictures of what the studio looks like today.

I must mention that Linda is a stickler for safety.  She explains the importance of respecting your work environment and getting to know your equipment.  Which makes sense, we are playing with fire!  So, when you visit the studio know that safety is something that Linda emphasizes in her teachings.  Personally I love this because it’s allowed me to gain a sense of comfort, which of course allows the creative process to flow…..just like the glass!

A picture of the studio before the NEW stations were added 
Glorieta Glassworks is modern, full of light and well equipped.  Linda is always willing to share techniques and insight from her 15+ years of training at various studios in Arizona and across the U.S.  She’s taken classes from many of the Who's Who in the glass world. 

You will almost always find her at the torch practicing her lampworking techniques.  This woman is amazing!!!

Housed next to the studio is what I call Linda’s Special Collection aka the Sweeney Collection which is home to Linda’s stunning medley of glass beads.  This collection is a work of art in and of itself. 

Julie DeFeo at Glorieta Glassworks
When you’re in New Mexico, visit Glorieta Glassworks, you will be wowed by the interesting use of space and the amazing collection of glass beads on display in the museum.  For information on classes, workshops or to stop by the Glass Museum contact Linda at

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