Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Call Me Crazy

Swarovski Crystals

Call me craaaaazzzy but the defeated New England Patriots fan made this cute little number for a friend who is a HUGE fan of the Denver BRONCOS. That's right folks the defeated Patriots fan 
did something nice for her gal pal.  

Well anyone who knows me knows that I luuuv the Patriots and I break up with them a least once a season.  We are not on speaking terms right now.  

For the bracelet I visited my stash to match the Broncos colors of orange, navy blue and white.  I found some Swarovski crystals and a toggle clasp and voila!!!!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beads, Stones and Crystals

My interest in rocks, fossils, crystals, gemstones and all things shiny started at a very young age.  I remember washing rocks in the kitchen sink and emptying my pockets to show off my treasures for friends and family.

Well a few years ago I took my interest one step further and started stringing and creating pretty wearable items.  I have gone a little overboard and now I have a large stash of gemstones, Swarovski crystals, Art beads, seed beads, spacers, clasps, tools, wire, string and a few other essentials.

Recently a friend asked me to take apart a necklace she just bought and restring it into a set to include earrings and a necklace.  For some reason this has been quite a challenge for me but I am excited that she asked me to design something "bit more her style."

I often ask myself what it is about beading that interests me and why do I have all this stuff?  I realize that it's the contrast of stones that really intrigues me.  Some days I love the bright sparkle of a crystal and other days it's that strand of amethyst that calls out to me....String me!

Today I'm sharing some pictures of a couple of bracelets that I made last year.  Right now I'm in the process of putting a few things together and I will reveal them once they're complete...stay tuned.

The important thing is to ...........

Keep Creating,



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Thursday, January 23, 2014

30 Words Thursdays

Adam Schallau

Lush green fields surround me

The white door

Old inspires NEW!

Majestic beauty at a glance

But look closer … breathless and in awe

Breathe, Dream, Relish, LOVE, Live, Peaceful


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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Floodwall Murals in Portsmouth, OH

Portsmouth, OH 1/2014
I spent the week in Portsmouth and Columbus, Ohio.  Yes I traveled there for work regardless of the freezing temperatures and the possibility that I may be blown away and never be seen again.  

Because of frigid temperatures I stayed indoors BUT I was able to see the beautiful artwork of Robert Dafford from the comfort of my car.  
Shawnee Indians
This is a commissioned project called the Floodwall Murals in Portsmouth.  The murals are a tribute to the history in this part of the country.  This is one of the largest mural projects in the world!  The murals are on the floodwall of the Ohio River.  Across the street are you will find a lovely stretch of old brick buildings.

Street View of the Floodwall Murals

Most of  the town was closed by the time I was able to venture out.  If you look closely you will see the icy road. 

Hook & Ladder

The gloomy weather had no effect on the realistic images portrayed in these murals.  Look at the vivid colors and the many details included in each.
Local Legend Roy Rogers

1937 Flood
The flood impacted the city and the surrounding townspeople. 

 A Civil War unit from Portsmouth, Battery L, fighting at Gettysburg

The Railroad
New forms of transportation in the area.  (This was my favorite.)

Life on the River

I encourage you to cruise by these wonderful works of art if you find yourself in this part of the country.  I was really glad I did.  I was greeted with kind words and hospitality everywhere I went.  I must mention the pork chop sandwich I had for lunch in Portsmouth and the mouthwatering Amish food at Der Dutchman in Plain City -YUM!!!