Tuesday, October 28, 2014

There's Still Time

October is always a great month to launch fun activities and add snappy titles to make things fun and add a different spin to things.  Like GoogleFest or Spooktober??  It’s fun and cute!  Well this post is not about launching something new but instead guiding you towards a few events that are coming to a close in a few days.  As always I would love to hear about the events that you are participating in; locally or on the web. 

You could get your work published in an issue of Bead Style magazine.  Woo Hoo!!!
There’s still time to register for holiday Arts & Crafts fairs all across the country.  The list is quite lengthy.  If you have more information about craft fairs in your area please share with us.  The list starts here http://www.craftsreport.com/shows-and-fairs/showfinder.html


Monday, October 27, 2014

Creator's Corner - Roxanne Lopez-Martinez

Today on Creator's Corner we will share an interview with the talented Roxanne Martinez.  She is an up-and-coming artist who lives and works in historic Taos, NM with her husband David Martinez.  Read what she has to say about art, inspiration and doing what you love!

Tell the readers about your handmade specialty item and why you enjoy working with this particular medium.

I shoot, matte and frame all my own photos.  I have a vast collection of different shots of everything and anything I find beautiful and interesting.  I also take photos of special occasions like graduation, First Holy Communion and birthday parties.  I enjoy working in this medium because I can capture moments in time forever with just a click of a button. 

Share one vital tip or trick you use to stay motivated.

I stay motivated by trying new ways to share my work.  I recently had some photos put on canvas and used old window panes as frames.

What are some of your favorite things you do to fine tune your craft?

Since I have only been doing this for about four years, I am still learning and figuring out my craft.  I am pretty much self-taught learning by trial and error.  I started with a small digital camera a little bigger than a credit card and have moved up to a Canon with multiple settings and zoom capability.  I often look up things in the manual and have gotten tips from other photographers but have learned the most by just playing with my camera.  I don’t always follow the rules of photography.  I shoot directly into the sun, I shoot from a moving vehicle (usually only when someone else is driving), and I often forget how to change my shutter speed.  I feel I have become a better photographer because I don’t always follow the rules and I am not so intense about having a perfect shooting situation.  I am constantly learning and trying new things but more important I am doing what I love.  

Share one business tip that you feel is essential to the growth of your business.

As an accountant I can give you a lot of accountant tips but the one essential tip to growth I feel is that as long as you love and enjoy doing your craft it will come out in your work.  People will feel that and find value in it.  It’s not always just about the money but about sharing your gift from God.  The money will come and oh yeah, a good bookkeeping system helps, too. 

Where do you go for inspiration?

I get my inspiration from things that are all around us.  Everyday things we see and don’t take time to really look at and enjoy.  A lot of the time I see things from the corner of my eye in passing that have always been there but I never really saw its beauty.  I try to capture that beauty with my camera and share it.  When others can see and enjoy what I see that is my inspiration.

Tell us where we can find your beautiful photographs and cards.

My matted prints can be found at the Taos Visitor Center in New Mexico.
Framed photos are available at the Ranchos Plaza Grill in Ranchos de Taos.  
The Passing of Traditions photo  is on display as part of the Slice of Life show at Encore Gallery at the Taos Center for the Arts; through November 16, 2014.  You can also find me and my husband David at local arts and crafts fairs.  

Earlier this year I participated in the Contemporary Hispanic Market in Santa Fe in 2011 and 2014.  I've also been fortunate enough show at the Millicent Rogers Museum as part of their Miniature Show.    

Our studio, “Like Eagles Forever” is in our home in Taos, NM.  
Visit our studio or call for phone orders @ (575) 758-3460 or (575) 779-1843.

Many Thanks to Roxanne Martinez
for sharing her time and talent with us here on Fairies Market.

Keep Creating,

Monday, October 20, 2014

Woven Necklace

Swarovski crystals are some of my favorite beads to work with so I have many in my stash.  I gathered several crystals of various sizes to create this floating necklace.  I love the way the crystals seem to float on the wire.  

This design features four wires woven in and out of beads of varied color and shape.  When working on a design like this color choices are important.  The shapes of the beads add to the appeal so I included beads in various sizes from 12 mm to 5mm and in different shapes including rounds and bicones.  Swarovski crystals offers lovely colors in light silk, clear, smoked topaz and olivine.    


This design features four wires woven in and out of beads of varied color and shape.   Four strands of Soft Flex beading wire in Onyx and Copper from their trio collection add extra pizzaz to this design.  This wire is sturdy but flexible and holds is shape nicely without kinking.  

The gold findings add the final touch to this lightweight, fashionable necklace.  


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quilt Display at Craft Fairs

We've been making some changes lately and so the blog has been off-line.  We moved our site and now Fairiesmarket.com is where you will find us.  In an attempt to make the site a bit more stable and strive to have an online presence I thought it best to invest in a domain and create a dot com.  So that's that please stop by.

We've also been getting ready for many local arts and crafts fairs.  Fun, fun, fun!!!  We will be at the Fuller Lodge Fall Art Center's Arts & Crafts Fair in Los Alamos, NM this Saturday.  If you are in the neighborhood please stop by mention this post and get 10% off your purchase.  

There's so much to do in preparation of the fair; pricing, inventory, business cards, etc.  
The display is always a bit challenging for me because quilts requires space and most booths are quite small.  I visited some great quilting forums and found some helpful advise and some good ideas too!

This quilt display looks like something I may need to order for the next couple of fairs.  A minimal investment for a beautiful work of art. 


I also found these two on Amazon.


Decisions, decisions and lots of work ahead of me for the week.  I hope you have a great week and remember to stop by and visit our booth if you're in the area!  Also if you're attending a craft fair in your neighborhood please post the information in our comments box!
Keep Creating,