Monday, April 4, 2022

Virtual Classes Make Learning Easy

Are you familiar with The Great Bead Extravaganza?  Well if you are interested in FREE virtual classes by some of the best designers in DIY jewelry making, then mark your calendar for the weekend of April 8th-9th! 

I've attended a few of the events and I really enjoy the variety of ideas offered.  I learn something new and interesting every time I tune-in.  Most recently I've been focusing on REALLY using my stash in some of the designs that this talented group share during the event and on their websites.  

Together this group offers a wonderful compilation of artwork, design ideas and talent.  They encourage individuality and creativity while providing fun classes in an action packed weekend of learning.  

Bollywood Bracelets
Bollywood Bracelets

That being said, it's always fun watching the experts use strands of beads, spools of wire, cubes of clay, jewelry findings and other interesting objects to create bangles, earrings, necklaces and fun trinkets.  They knit with wire, weave with cord and create all kinds of cool stuff.  You can easily find what you need on their websites and many offer kits on the projects they will showcase during TGBE.  This is great if you wish to participate in the FaceBook live class.  

Tune into the EXTRAVAGANZA to find discounts and tutorials.  So find a comfy spot, grab your favorite beverage and spend some time visiting websites, FaceBook pages and YouTube channels, you'll be glad you did!

Keep Creating,