Sunday, March 31, 2013

Add A Splash of Color

As with most creative folks color plays a BIG part in what inspires us.  You will notice from year to year tones change, some drastically, some subtly.  Colors vary.  Some are sleek others are matte.  The creation of a certain hue is a technical process which can sometimes take months.  Designers take this stuff seriously.

Pantone releases their new color palette each year in December/January.  This year's choices are very nice.  

Nanette Lepore
Purple is taking the lead in my choices for clothing and make-up. 

 However, when I was in Tucson for the Gem & Mineral show I was drawn to green.  I brought home a nice variety of beads.  The classic car is a beauty (in green).

Black is my go-to color and the color I see most in my wardrobe.  It is a classic and splashes of color can be added easily with shoes, handbags or scarves.  

You will see some of these colors in my upcoming designs.  I will use some in the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal this Saturday so please do come back to see what I've designed.  

Have a wonderful week!

Keep Creating,


Friday, March 29, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party - 1st Reveal

On this festive Easter weekend the first of three reveals of the 
7th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party hosted by Lori Anderson happens.  

This year's event includes participants from around the globe and they've all been busy creating something special for this event.  

Lori does a great job of pairing people up.  Then we send a nice package of beads, a clasp, and a focal bead to our partner.  On reveal day the PARTY begins.  Designers  post their creation on their blog and link up with others.  

Follow the link above to locate the list of the designers.  Check things out and please leave comments.  Check out our Pinterest board too.

I'm slotted for next week so please stop by again to see what I created from the great stash my partner sent me.   


Want to meet some interesting folks?  
 Created by Laurie
hosts a weekly Meet & Greet
come join us!

Keep Creating,


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hump Day Is So Pinteresting

I've been working really hard so I just need to get away.  Yes I know a spa treatment might be more relaxing but this is my escape for today.  

Stop by the Vintage Apple and join in on the blog hop it's a lot of fun.

Source: Ashlene on Pinterest

Source: viaElaine on Pinterest

Source: viaRita on Pinterest


Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Mexy Etsy Team

I am a BIG believer in building community.  One way that I expand my online community is by signing up  with Etsy Teams.  The first team I joined is the New Mexy Etsy Team a group of artists living in New Mexico.  Our motto

We are a group of Etsy Artisans living in the Land Of Enchantment. The crafts and skills of the artist are varied but all have the united goal to support, encourage, motivate, and promote each other. By working together to help build our businesses through sales, swaps,...

I want to share some of their work with you.  Because of space limitations I am not able to include all team members in this collection which means I will post others in the future.  

Please leave a note for the artists so they will know you've seen the exhibit.  Enjoy!

Rustic Modern Rose Bowl / Ceramic Tableware / Contemporary Functional Ceramics for Your Home
CNJ Ceramics
Blue Truck
Bartos Fine Art

Instant download - Crochet PATTERN (pdf file) - Ladies Cowl - Poncho
Mon  Petit Violon
Muse of the Garden Felt Art Doll
Mouse Pants
Seasonal Letterpress Coasters (set of 8 for any season), Ready to Ship
Green Chair Press

Blue, Pink and Dark Teal, Abstract, Stained Glass Rainmaker Mobile, home decor by colorolight on Etsy

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Music To Your Ears

The question of the week for this week's blog hop is.........What sound do you love?

My favorite sound is my girls giggling when they are together.  It's music to my ears and it brings so much joy to my heart.  I love them both so very much.  

Come on people join in and share a little something about yourself and if you stop by fairesmarket please leave some writing on the wall.

Keep Creating,

Friday, March 22, 2013

Feature Artist-The Lipstick Ranch

I am still going through all the goodies I picked up at Bead Fest. 

 I was eager to meet the owner of The Lipstick Ranch in Colorado.  Kara Docheff has really done things right in creating these charms and findings.  

I was drawn to her website when I was searching for a "western" theme charm.  There I found a wonderful selection of animals, leaves and hip designs.  I was pleased when I saw the quality and value of each.  I had a nice time browsing the shop, meeting Kara and SHOPPING!

Part of their creative process includes a natural rusting process which makes each piece unique in color.       

The Lipstick Ranch has a nice variety of items and designs which includes something for everyone.  I hope you like them as much as I do.     

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pin It

Hi my name is Karen and I'm a pin-a-holic..........yes it's true. 

So I look forward to linking up with folks at the Vintage Apple for their weekly hop!

This week I'm looking at some amazing pieces of art.

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hugs & Kisses Bracelet With a Twist

Reveal day has arrived.  This is what I started in class on Saturday at Bead Fest in Santa Fe. 

I took a class with Sue Ripsch, an expert in chain mail.  Sue has published two books and has a successful business in jewelry making/design.  Her book is wonderfully illustrated and provides patterns for beautiful chain mail jewelry.  

If you have an opportunity to take a class with Sue I recommend that you DO.  She's a good teacher.  Her instructions are clear and she gives each participant one-on-one attention.  She fixed my blunders offering simple solutions w/a sense of humor.  Plus I was able to finish this up on my own thanks to Sue working with me to ensure that I understood the pattern.  

It was a pleasure meeting her and her husband, Steve.  

Hugs & Kisses Bracelet, pearl clasp from Claspon-Claspoff

Sue Ripsch

Keep Creating,


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beads, Lessons, Kits & Creativity

That's right lots of beads, classes/instruction, booths filled with creative ideas and everything you need to get started.  I had an action packed day at Bead Fest in Santa Fe.  I will reveal all the wonderful things I picked up soon so stay tuned.

Chain Mail Class


Eriko Page @ Sonoran Beads

Kits from Bead Haven

Display Ideas

Glass Disks @ Sonoran Beads

Gina Crow & Amy Mealey

GREAT kits at Kumihimo to Go

Beads & More Beads

Friday, March 15, 2013


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Reach Out

Hey there!  It's finally the weekend YES!!! 

Join the Weekend Meet & Greet Blog Hop with Laurie @ Created by Laurie and her friends.  This weeks question is........... 

What one object in your home are you most embarrassed about owning?

I own a candelabra that weighs about 15 lbs. and is very gaudy.  I don't know where I got it but it makes a good door stop or if need be a great weapon.  Weird I know.  Link up and share you embarrassing treasure item and meet some new folks.  Have a great weekend.

Bead Fest in Santa Fe
I was able to catch a bit of Bead Fest after work today.  I met some nice people and did a little shopping (stay tuned for the goodies).  I found some art beads and of course lots of findings.  So many pretty things.

There are some talented folks giving demonstrations and offering advise.  I am anxious to see what tomorrow brings.

c-koop beads

XAZ Bead Company


Thursday, March 14, 2013

A friendly reminder that BEAD FEST is right around the corner.  I will share information from the floor of the convention center with you over the next few days. I am SO excited!!!

I am fortunate that I am able to take a class this year.  I am also volunteering on Saturday with the Bead Society of New Mexico.  If you are in the area please stop by and say hello. 

Lots of vendors here this weekend so shopping will be GREAT!  There will be many demonstrations by the host of Santa Fe Bead Fest, Santa Fe Jewelers Supply

Wish me luck!