Friday, March 15, 2013

Reach Out

Hey there!  It's finally the weekend YES!!! 

Join the Weekend Meet & Greet Blog Hop with Laurie @ Created by Laurie and her friends.  This weeks question is........... 

What one object in your home are you most embarrassed about owning?

I own a candelabra that weighs about 15 lbs. and is very gaudy.  I don't know where I got it but it makes a good door stop or if need be a great weapon.  Weird I know.  Link up and share you embarrassing treasure item and meet some new folks.  Have a great weekend.

Bead Fest in Santa Fe
I was able to catch a bit of Bead Fest after work today.  I met some nice people and did a little shopping (stay tuned for the goodies).  I found some art beads and of course lots of findings.  So many pretty things.

There are some talented folks giving demonstrations and offering advise.  I am anxious to see what tomorrow brings.

c-koop beads

XAZ Bead Company



  1. following you back from the meet and greet!

  2. Argh!! You are SO lucky to live in such a wonderful area and be able to attend's my lifelong dream to visit Santa Fe. Lots of pictures pleeeeeeease! :-)

  3. Sensory overload! The beads are all so beautiful, it would be hard to pick...I'll bet there were some real beauties to choose from!


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