Sunday, March 31, 2013

Add A Splash of Color

As with most creative folks color plays a BIG part in what inspires us.  You will notice from year to year tones change, some drastically, some subtly.  Colors vary.  Some are sleek others are matte.  The creation of a certain hue is a technical process which can sometimes take months.  Designers take this stuff seriously.

Pantone releases their new color palette each year in December/January.  This year's choices are very nice.  

Nanette Lepore
Purple is taking the lead in my choices for clothing and make-up. 

 However, when I was in Tucson for the Gem & Mineral show I was drawn to green.  I brought home a nice variety of beads.  The classic car is a beauty (in green).

Black is my go-to color and the color I see most in my wardrobe.  It is a classic and splashes of color can be added easily with shoes, handbags or scarves.  

You will see some of these colors in my upcoming designs.  I will use some in the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal this Saturday so please do come back to see what I've designed.  

Have a wonderful week!

Keep Creating,


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  1. One of these years I'll get to Tuscon!! Lucky you. Did you buy a bunch?


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