Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge

Today I'm participating in the Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge hosted by Tracy of Make Bracelets!  The challenge is to pick one of the words and design a piece of jewelry around one category representing something of significance to you. The six categories of wellness that people generally want to make changes in are - Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Spiritual, Intellectual and Social.  

I want to be a bit more social as I tend to expend A LOT of energy at my 9-5 job and then isolate myself because I am exhausted.  I will focus more on creating a peaceful place of community in my life by reaching out to others with similar interests; art, jewelry making, hiking, cooking, reading, or what is important to me at the moment.  

The pieces I am sharing for this challenge inspire me to continue recognizing the beauty that surrounds me everyday.  To laugh happily, sing joyously, share deeply, and to let love flow to me and from me. 

Kissed by the Sun
Swarovski  crystals in sunflower, topaz gold foil beads, seed beads, carnelian glass beads, antique copper components and a clasp made by Mary Harding.

Pretty In Pink
Swarovski crystals in purple, pink rose, antique copper components, seed beads,  pink swirl agate,and pink crystal beads.
Please visit the sites of the creative force behind today's challenge to see what inspires them.  Enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by I hope you have a GREAT week!



  1. Beautiful colours! I thing you could rock these while doing the things you really want to be doing - I hear ya!

  2. Very pretty...I love Mary Hardings work...the colors you chose are perfect!

  3. Hi Karen.

    These are wonderful wellness goals and the crystal colors you used in your bracelet(s) and earrings are great. Thank you for participating in the challenge, it means a great deal to me!


  4. Very happy and pretty creations. Good reminders to focus on what is really most important to you! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Thanks ladies!!! So glad you took a look.


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