Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Fashion Colors

We are all doing it, watching runway videos and skimming through catalogs looking at this year’s fashion must haves.  No matter where or how you shop you will want to watch Pantone’s 2014 fashion predictions.  They have selected some nice colors for us.  


I’ve seen many artists including colors like orchid, blue and sand in their jewelry designs.

Art bead makers will test their skills to see what new creations they can produce to lure in shoppers.  You may like some of the art bead shops featured on Etsy.

Handmade Ceramic Porcelain Stoneware Bead Set 2011313
White Clover Kiln

Handmade ceramic earring charms, erthenware heart charms - 1 PAIR
THEA Elements
Handmade Teardrop-Shaped Faux-ivory Focal Bead-- one-of-a-kind
Selena Anne Wells
Moogin Beads- set of 11 springtime floral pattern lampwork glass beads 18mm-19mm - SRA
Moogin Beads

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  1. Hi, Karen! I am still making my way through all the wonderful blogs on the GYB party hosted by sweet Vicki. You have a beautiful blog and I have enjoyed going back and reading some of your past posts. Your jewelry pieces are lovely. I popped over to your Etsy shop and can see that your mother is also very talented. I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures you have taken in New Mexico and I think the photos of the Flood Mural in Portsmouth are wonderful.

    I am signing up to follow your posts and am looking forward to seeing what other things inspire you. Perhaps you will find a moment to drop by my blog at Mimi Mine! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


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