Sunday, March 2, 2014

3rd Annual Challenge of Music Blog Hop

This week I’m participating in the 3rd Annual Challenge of Music blog hop hosted by Erin at Tesori Trovati Jewelry & Treasures Found!  The challenge is to Create Something of Your Choice - jewelry, accessory or some other artistic representation of your favorite song.  Pick a year, pick a song and make something—anything to represent the song. 

I was on travel this week so my time was limited…excuses, excuses.

The day I read Erin’s post so many songs came to mind.  I must confess that back in the day I was a gemstone loving head banger.  I was a teenager in love with musicians of the past; The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles but then came Ozzy, AC/DC, the Scorpions, Cindy Lauper, Blondie and the Pretenders.  How am I going to choose just one????

Well I did as Erin suggested and I checked out the billboards for different years of significance in my life.  Finally I found something that just clicked.

The year is 1966 the year of my birth.  Paperback Writer by the Beatles is on the list.  Like everyone else out there the Beatles have at least one song that yanks my chain and this one is from a GREAT year!

I love books--and the song is a bit of a tribute to writing and the complexities of life.

The musical tones are basic and the instruments are pure so my creation of choice ..
a book thong!  

 Thank you Erin for creating this challenge.  I always welcome the opportunity to rummage through my stash to use up some of my goodies.  The cute charms are from the Lipstick Ranch.  Until we meet again......

Keep Creating, Karen


  1. Hello Miss Karen! I love that song! It is funny how completely you forget about songs when you aren't hearing them all the time. This is a fun and happy necklace with a rock edge. Great layering piece! Thank you for joining me in the 3rd Annual Challenge of Music. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. A very pretty book thong, I really like the mix of charms which can tell a little tale themselves. Great job!

  3. This has been a great challenge and I love how you have embraced it. Fabulous design to go with your song of choice. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Oh cool-- a fellow Beatles fan! We think they hung the moon here! I love your book thong--you got the themed style of the song as well as some completely charming charms going there! xox jean :)

  5. Love the Beatles and I agree picking one song would be hard-I am your partner for the bead soup blog hop-i can be reached at looking forward to looking at more of your beautiful pictures ttys


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