Friday, June 12, 2015

Sewing With Friends

A few weeks ago my mother was kind enough to offer a private class to me and a couple of my friends.  We asked her to teach us how to use our sewing machines and notions.
The project of the day was Seamless Pillowcases aka Pillowcases with French Seams.  This is a great project for beginners!  We had a really nice day sharing stories, helping one another and discovering what all the dials and buttons on our machines are really for.  We all got a lot of experience using the ripper too....

My friend Karen B. working on her project
We didn't use a pattern that day - we call that learn as you sew.  Because this is such a simple project my mom had everything memorized.  I was able to find a great pattern at The Cottage Mama.  I'm sure you can find others online.

NOTE:  Fabric widths can range from 42" to 45" so measure your pillow if you want to be precise. 
For the BODY you will need 27" x the width of the fabric; for example 27"x42".  For the CUFF you will need 12" of fabric in a coordinating pattern.  You can use the same fabric as the body if you'd like.  For the BAND you will need 2" x the width of the fabric.  You can use large rick rack for the band also.  

You can choose fabrics in so many designs the possibilities are endless -- just be sure you select 100% cotton fabric.

Here is another example of various fabrics pulled together to create a wonderful set of pillowcases.

Give this project a try, it's easy and the end result is a pair of seamless pillowcases that will make a lovely gift or give any room a fresh look.  Share your color combinations, tips or suggestions with us!


  1. What fun to get together with family and friends to do a little sewing! My friend has shown me how to make these pillowcases. I have yet to make one however and I hope to make this one of the things I do very soon. I enjoyed your post very much!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Fairies Market. When you do try this pattern I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Happy sewing!!

  2. Karen, now that you have mastered straight seam what project are you going to try next?


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