Thursday, April 21, 2016

Art Bead Scene (ABS) - April submission

This month's challenge includes a wonderful color palette which is perfect for spring!  The beautiful painting by Helen Frankenthaler entitled Jacob's Ladder is our focal inspiration.  Frankenthaler who was a an amazing artist called one of the foremost colorists of our time.  As a tribute to Helen I set out to create and abstract piece of jewelry. Something that might have won a knod of approval or a wink from this renowned artist.  

I started my design by making several links using 18 gauge Parawire in antique copper.  The idea came from one of my favorite books; The Missing Link by Cindy Wimmer.  After running them through the tumbler for about an hour the links were perfected and shaped into a nice chain. 


Then I gathered some recently purchased round ceramic beads by Gaea and I decided to wrap a few of them in a different color and gauge of wire.  A little twist to add a variety to the design.  

The focal beads include a beautiful green polymer clay bead by HumbleBeads, a bright yellow lampwork bead by Beads by Laura.  I included a brown enameled bead that I made a few weeks ago.  I was able to find four ceramic beads that I've had in my stash for longer than I can remember.

The design is an eclectic gypsy-style handmade necklace that includes a mix of ceramic, glass, polymer clay & metal to create a long chain.  This piece can be worn alone or combined with other jewelry pieces to create a modern look.  

Visit the Art Bead Scene blog to see the submissions for this month's challenge.  You can also visit the Pinterest board.  Maybe you'll be inspired to create and share a piece of your own!!!

Keep Creating,


  1. Wonderful selection of beads and colors for this month's challenge

  2. Great job! I love your links they are super cute! My favorite part of the design is the four wrapped terra cotta beads. I like how you used different wire colors and thickness.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I do like incorporating different wire types/colors. I like the monthly challenges because they really do push me.


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