Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Season

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It has been some time since I added to this blog.  I've been extremely busy at work.  This is my excuse for EVERYTHING but it is a busy place and I am obsessed very focused on that.  

My oldest daughter graduated from Prescott College on December 14th so that was FANTASTIC!!  I am a proud parent and eager to see what adventures shes takes in the coming months.  I was inspired by her speech at baccalaureate.  When I saw the love, kindness and support that she and her classmates showed for one another I was reminded that the world is full of wonderfully talented and intelligent people.  They struggled together and the final result was SUCCESS for each of them.  Congratulations to each of them!
My youngest daughter traveled from S. Dakota to be with family and we are all overjoyed to see her.  She is far from home in a part of the country that is very different than where she was raised.  She is resilient, brave and tenacious.
Today I attended a funeral for a family friend today.  It was a story of an honorable man surrounded by family and friends.  A celebration of life.  

When someone young, talented and humorous passes away it's hard to swallow.  We question why and sometimes question our faith.  I think we must forgive.  Be kind to ourselves and others and BELIEVE.
This is a SEASON of change and jubilation.  A new beginning.

There are only a few days until Christmas and everyone is hustling to get things done.  I am moving at a slow and steady pace and I am anxious to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the cookies moment.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Feliz Navidad,



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