Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to Make a Single-Strand Slash-Dash Bar

For some time now I have been trying to learn how to tie knots.  I am intrigued with this talent.  I read, I test and I take apart.  I try these tutorials on You Tube and find them to be easy to follow.  My pieces NEVER come out as nicely as what J.D. makes but I am not giving up people.  Tie on....

Check out Tying It All Together where J.D. shares his talents with readers.  His book is full of easy to follow step-by-step instructions with great big bright photos.  A GREAT FIND!

I must say that my work stems from the same pattern but they just never come out as nicely as the illustration.  Ha!  

I am not giving up I will continue to loop, thread and tuck.

I have finally found that tying myself in knots can be fun.  Who would have thunk it.

Have a nice Saturday!


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