Monday, April 13, 2015

Torch Enameling 101

During Bead Fest Santa Fe I was able to take a class with Sara Lukkonen owner of C-Koop Beads from Duluth, Minnesota.  Sara shared her expertise with us teaching basic enameling techniques. 

 I especially liked that she emphasized safety precautions repeatedly throughout the class.  SAFETY FIRST!!!  Because everyone knows that the more you do something the more "comfortable" we become.  Comfort is fine but being safe is the most important -- we are working with FIRE and glass powder!

With 30 years of enameling/bead making experience Sara creates quality components and shares her expertise nation-wide. Here is another photo of Sara teaching torch enameling techniques in Santa Fe, NM.

Her easy to follow instructions inspired me to try my hand at torch enameling so I set up a new station in my studio.  We'll see what transpires.

components made in class
If there's something in particular you are interested in learning about I encourage you to take a class.  The environment allows the creative process to begin without worrying about EVERYTHING because so much is done for you.  Step-by-step instructions, instant feedback, Q & A and praise!  Get out there and do it!


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  1. I love learning new techniques....can't wait to see what you create!


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