Thursday, February 11, 2016

Feathers & Friends Bead Making Class with Heather Powers

I am an empty nester with an obsession for all things beading, art jewelry & jewelry making.  I recently took the Feather & Friends class offered by Heather Powers of HumbleBeads, Handcrafted Art Beads Inspired by Nature.  

If you aren’t familiar with Heather’s work I recommend you check her website.  She is a polymer clay artist who’s worked in the industry for many years.  She’s a published author, a teacher, a mentor and an inspiration to me and many of her followers.  If you haven’t yet delved into polymer clay bead making you’re in luck because Heather offers classes throughout the year. 

Taking this class was a refreshing experience for me helping me realize that creativity allows us to choose actions in response to what happens in life, to generate new elements in our lives.  There were several times I asked myself, are you really open to possibilities? I recognized that a part of me believed that my creativity can only move in small, shallow breaths: a couple hours here, a morning workshop there, or a trip to Bead Fest next year.  Or that it can only take certain shapes: a beaded necklace here and a pair of earrings there.  Wow what an eye opener!

I hit walls and jumped hurdles creating these wonderful little feathered friends.  I had to be patient with the clay and especially mindful of my mindset, my breathing, my feelings and my willingness to realize that this too was a process. I had to imagine that I could “make” this happen.  Finally I was able to see the flow of creativity running through me and the clay, simultaneously, it was an awe-inspiring experience.  I connected with other artists as we cheered each other on to keep modeling, discovering and transforming clay. 

When I signed up for the workshop I never thought that it would be as challenging as it was.  It was a great reminder that the simplest of challenges (manipulating clay) can make life VERY interesting. 

If you get a chance hop on over to Heather’s blog where you can find information on classes and books and other wonderfully inspiring ideas!

I especially like gemstones and try to include gemstones and crystals in most of my designs.  Next, using faux techniques to make beads that look like real gemstones!!  Stay tuned.

Keep Creating


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