Thursday, February 25, 2016

Swarovski Cyrstals & Pearls

The perfection of Swarovski crystals speaks for itself.  I enjoy incorporating Swarovski elements into the jewelry pieces I design.  The efforts of Swarovski to remain on the cutting edge of design, robotics, technology, art and science is unsurpassed.  The range of creative goods that they offer is marvelous.  Swarovski produces binoculars, tools, jewelry, accessories, figurines, lighting, gemstones & crystals all of which offer the cutting edge in quality and design in the world marketplace.  Can you believe that they’ve been in business for 120 years?  When you familiarize yourself with all that is Swarovski it will amaze you.  They're expertise crosses over many industries. 

One thing that I really like about Swarovski is that they embrace creative collaboration.  I think most bloggers can relate to that.  They invite designers, scientists, creative thinkers and superstars to join their creative team to expand their vision and continue making amazing products for all to enjoy.  Swarovski is in every corner of the world including London, Vienna, Mexico, Brazil, Paris, New Zealand, Russia and the US. 

CHANEL Swarovski crystal brooch
They have produced costumes for not only Marilyn Monroe and Madonna but now J Lo is now strutting her stuff in Las Vegas wearing costumes embellished with Swarovski crystals.  Designers such as Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and Coco Chanel, and many others, have embraced the use of Swarovski products to adorn their creations. 


So what’s my point?  Well the new scarabaeus crystals and pearls were on my list of “things to find” in Tucson, which I did!  I also picked up some of the crystal light chrome’s in shimmering silver which are AMAZING!  Swarovski prides itself on encouraging individuality and creative originality so even though I’m a novice jewelry maker I insist on including quality materials in my simple designs.  Thus my relationship with Swarovski was born a few years ago. 

You’re going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dazzling colors of the scarabaeus crystals and pearls.  The creator of this radiant color combination is the infamous Jean Paul Gaultier. The color was inspired by the verdigris roof of the Paris Opera House and the metallic green-blue-purple sheen of the scarab beetle seen in Ancient Egyptian artifacts.  The creation is a brilliant burst of color combinations. 

Okay so I’ve already said that the new colors are absolutely mind blowing.  Well guess what?  Jean Paul Gaultier took his idea a step further by taking the perfect crystal and make it ‘perfectly imperfect’ or ‘broken’ thus creating the Kaputt crystal by Swarovski.  Bravo!!  There's a lot more debuting this Fall/Winter 2016/2017.  so stop by the Swarovski website to get your eye full.  You'll be glad you did!! 

Share your creative designs using crystals in a reply post.  I’d love to see what you’re creating.

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