Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Color Choices

What’s the Perfect Jewelry for Fall 2016

Industry leaders and experts joined together and agreed that for Fall 2016, the Blue Family is on top of the list. You might very well know by now that Pantone announced two colors for the first time as the color of the year. These colors include rose quartz and serenity, both demonstrating this year’s theme that is all about balance and well being. While rose quartz was the start for Spring and Summer, serenity and it’s blue relatives are the heroes of this season.
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Honestly, I love the overall theme of this year’s Pantone, harmony. The inspiration comes from the impending call for a conscious lifestyle and the search for an antidote to alleviate us from the daily stress of a fast paced modern and technological world. The color Blue in particular represents “tranquility, strength and optimism.”  Moreover, according to the color experts, the Blue Family draws a feeling of peace and constancy bringing a sense of connectedness when individuals are exposed to this color.
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Although, the shades of red, spicy mustard yellows, pinkish purples as well the silverish grays are considered the complimentary colors to serenity, riverside and airy blue, JCK Magazine suggests gray as the perfect tone for your jewelry. So if you are planning to update your jewelry collection this season, I strongly suggest you add these three to your wish list!

The Star Metal: Silver or White Copper
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Large Jumble Necklace, Silver Necklace by Lisa Crowder at Artful Home

White Copper

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More handmade white metal components from Kristi Bowman at this link.

Magical Moonstone 

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Moonstone is the most popular gem-quality stone from the feldspar group and also known as the birthstone of June. What I think makes this gem so beautiful is the stone’s adularescence, the “light that across the gem.” Some people also consider moonstone as an amulet for protection, love, prophecy and wisdom.

Gray Diamonds

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Oh yes, apparently there are gray diamonds too, but these colored diamonds are extremely rare. Here’s the good news, even if they are rare, gray diamonds are priced lower than white colorless stones; rough gray diamonds in particular. So if you have the money to spare, add these covetable stones to your jewelry collection.

Alternative to Gray Diamonds....Swarovski Genuine Smoky Quartz

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As you update your wardrobe for Fall, choose handmade jewelry pieces that will complement your overall look. For art bead craftsman & art jewelry designers this season may be the best time to work and experiment with new materials and colors. Add new elements and techniques to your creations and please share your ideas with us.

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  1. All the jewelry collections are mind blowing.These all will not only look good in fall but would also look great in rest of the seasons.


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