Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Art Bead Scene - June 2016

Art Bead Scene hosts a monthly blog hop showcasing a work of art as the inspiration for jewelry makers.  This month they are featuring work by Louis Rhead; The Century Magazine for June which was created in 1896.  

According to the Smithsonian American Art Museum Rhead designed nearly 100 posters in the 1890's.   In the U.S. he created posters for a variety of magazines, including The Century, St. Nicholas, Harper's, The Bookman, and Scribner's.  He traveled to London, Paris and New York and his work was published in many countries.

I was especially drawn to the the earth tones in this color palette.  It's similar to the color's I used in April's challenge ... what can I say.  Jewelry makers have already begun sharing their work on the Art Bead Scene's Pinterest page.  You can also find blog posts featuring jewelry inspired by this lovely magazine cover, it's always fun so see what jewelry designers make. 

I incorporated beads from my stash.  I've had some beads much too long and after moving my studio a couple of times many things are not labeled.  As a result I am not 100% sure if the black bovine gemstone beads. Are they basalt, hoplite, onyx or what??  My apologies.

I created three strands of various beads using jade, malachite and the black beads.  I also  
included some lovely teal translucent lampwork beads in a matte finish that were made by Francesca De Caire. The brass bead caps are finished in an antique bronze patina from Vintage Brass Bead. 

The focal bead is an ART BEAD that I made in a lampwork bead making class that I took with Julie De Feo at the Sweeney Gallery in Glorieta, NM.  

The lampwork beads compliment the shades of green of the malachite beads and the light green jade.  The color combination of ivory and turquoise in the focal bead blends nicely with the overall color palette.  

Visit the Art Bead Scene blog to learn from artists who push creativity to new heights; beads, jewelry, components & giveaways are at just a click away.  

Keep Creating,


  1. What a lovely bracelet I love the colour of the lampwork beads and the clasp is perfect!

  2. wow this piece of jewellery has such an alluring ring to it, i love the combination of colours and how the stones give such a good feel to it. keep posting with more like this


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