Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Prize from Artisticaos~ABS Challenge

Last April I was one of the lucky winners of the Art Bead Scene challenge.  My prize (drum roll) was a bead bundle ($50 value) from Terri Del Signore!!! 

Well I'm sure you can relate when I say that beads go into my stash but very few make it out!!!  

My love of ART BEADS comes from my sincere appreciation for the time, attention and creativeness that artisans take when they create beautiful things for others to enjoy.  You can really see that in Terri's work.  Her ceramic beads are well made and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  She incorporates her love of nature into her designs, which I like.   

Well these pretties just jumped out at me the other day so, I couldn't keep them a hidden treasure any longer.  I got ahold of my my Wubbers looping pliers and sat down to work on my design.  I knew that I wanted to add these colorful beads to a bright shiny piece of silver chain because I like necklaces that I can drape over my head-no clasp needed.  

I was fired up so I thought that a nice enameled component would add to the positive space within the design.  After checking my work/design I decided that a large pendant would work well for the length of chain that I was using.  I found a large copper dragonfly component in my stash (surprise, surprise).  I layered several coats of Vintage Patinas by Ranger Ink on the dragonfly, sanded it between coats and then polished it with a jewelers cloth.  

The necklace is lightweight and perfect for any season.  

Thanks to Terri Del Signore for the lovely beads & the Art Bead Scene team for putting these monthly blog hops together.  They're so much fun and it's always interesting to see the diverse combination of colors and patterns in everyone's jewelry designs.  

Keep Creating,



  1. The green and gold in your necklace are excellent at pulling the colours out from the artwork and your dragonfly is seriously sweet

  2. Wow you are really so lucky to win this beautiful necklace made up of different kind of beautiful bead. I really wish to win something like this in my life.

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