Friday, March 3, 2017

My 5 Favorite Websites About Jewelry

Are you looking for what's trending in fashion RIGHT NOW?  Do you need a little inspiration for your next jewelry design?  I have a long list of blogs & websites that I visit about once a month.  These sites are each very different, some are about vintage jewelry & timeless pieces, while others are about modern fashion accessories.  

The list is not in any specific order.  This list includes what inspires me NOW~ videos, pictures, articles and links to other amazing sites. I hope you find something that dazzles you & kicks your creativity into action.
1.     Ageless Heirloom written by Lauren Rose @ageslessheirlooms.  This blog has great photos and lots of links to other sites that feature vintage jewelry.  Lauren posts her favorite Etsy finds, which are always fun to see.

2.     Jewels du Jour features created by Natalie Box Betteridge @jewelsdujour provides an interesting collection of information about timeless jewelry pieces, jewelry auctions & dealers as well as published information on jewelry designers and some of the most amazing jewelry collections. 

3.     If you want to see the latest BLING, then Gem Obsessed is a must on your blogging journey @kremkow.  This sight is full of high fine jewelry and celebrity news.  If you missed a recent event like The Oscars, then check this sight out.

4.     My all-time favorite is Crystal blog bySwarovski.  I find myself on this site a lot because there’s fashion, jewelry, art and other interesting & sparkly things showcased on this here.  This is where I lose myself in videos & news about high fashion events, designers and mind blowing products @swarovski.

5.     Last but certainly not least is the Tiffany & Co. website.  As Tiffany says they design rare high jewelry masterpieces.  Look here to see how the creative minds at Tiffany's work @tiffanyandco.  

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