Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jewelry Making

My creative outlet is jewelry making.  Simple stringing that develops into something that I am proud to wear, share or sell.  I spend a lot of time reading blogs and visiting websites to find inspiration and motivation.  One of those blogs is the  WINKblog by Swarovski. 

I enjoy reading the newsletter and blog to learn what's trending in the world of 
sparkling fashion jewelry.  I absolutely love including Swarovski crystals in my designs.  

Lucky for me that the world of jewelry making includes many types of mediums.

Handmade Ceramic Toggle Clasp Red Leaves

Mary Harding Jewelry

Over the past few years I've learned about ART beads.
Appreciating the skill required to create these precious beauties I began adding components from various artists into my designs, creating unique pieces of jewelry.   

This polymer clay toggle clasp from Mary Harding Jewelry with Swarovski crystals and Venetian glass beads is one of my favorites.

Humble Beads & THEA elements
While some folks are very traditional in their jewelry choices I have a wide variety of supplies in my workshop because often times it's the mood that shapes the creation.  
Color of Dreams Component & Swarovski
Fashion blogs are a great way to find what's trending in color and design.  Magazines and books always lend some good ideas too.  Whatever you choice I hope you find something inspirational here as well.  

Note:  I am not an ART bead artist I buy my components.  

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