Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Enjoying Time With Family

This workaholic decided to take off to enjoy time with family. Both of my daughters are visiting so I'm SUPER excited to be in their company.  We've had a great time reminiscing over photos of friends and our familia.  We laughed and cried.  

We've also done a lot of cooking making some great meals.  Our goal has been to get out and see the beauty of New Mexico.   

One day we went to the Valle Vidal (Valley of Life)  which is a 101,794 acres mountain basin in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains within the Carson National Forest in Northern New Mexico.  The views were aammmaaazzzingly beautiful with wild flowers in abundance and healthy old trees in every direction.  We were waaay on top of the mountain.  It was breathtaking. 

I took some nice photos (see below) and did some fishing.  Yup that's me with my 18.5" trout!

Shuree Pond

Beautiful Vistas
Catch of the Day!!
I will try to share more pictures later in the week.  Until then......


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