Saturday, May 30, 2015

Art Jewelry Elements May Component Reveal

Art Jewelry Elements (AJE) is a sisterhood of talented jewelry makers.  They share tips, host giveaways, encourage crafters to participate in fun blog hops and they've created a supportive space to share ideas of all sorts.  This awesome team consists of Jennifer Cameron, Niky Sayers, (I follow Niky SOOO much she probably thinks I’m stalking her), Diana Ptaszynski, Lindsay Starr, Kristen Stevens,  Jennifer Davies-Reazor, Lesley Watt, Melissa Meman, Linda Landig (SUPER TALENTED LADY), Susan Kennedy and Caroline Dewison.  They have great energy and are willing to share their talent with a universal audience.
Let me tell you, these ladies might look like a friendly bunch but they scare the bejeebers out of me.  They are driven, talented, passionate and inspiring.  I am a beginning beader/jewelry maker and these ladies are leading artists at the top of their game.  Regardless I keep signing up for their blog hops and giveaways because the AJE team is a source of encouragement for me. 
This month I won a couple of beautiful Beaded Beads from Sue Beads.  The design came from Debra Schwartz @ Datz Katz.  Sue made several pairs in different color combinations and gave them to three luck winners (ME) who have to create something with the beads and write a blog post revealing their project.  I was a lucky winner a few months ago too!!

The three lucky winners for May are:

Karen Martinez

So when I was chosen the wheels started turning but I am not a seed bead expert.  As the month continued on and time crept up on me I decided to create an eclectic piece.  I love bracelets...wear one everyday.  So this is what I came up with!

Materials used:
2-Beaded beads provided by Sue Beads
16mm Venetian glass disc blue/gold
11mm seed beads
8mm Swarovski rounds
6mm Swarovski pearls - fern, ivory
4mm white cat eye beads
Lampwork discs
Gold findings
Thank you ladies for all you do for our community.  I am honored to have been chosen and my hope was to do your pretty beads justice. 


  1. I utterly love your eclectic piece Karen! Great design, all the colours go together so beautifully and I would never have thought to use the beaded bead as a clasp, what a fantastic idea! Thank you so much for joining in and for all the wonderful things you have said about us, I'm blushing and you have totally made my day!!!

  2. What an awesome idea to use one of the beads to make a clasp - so clever! And a great bracelet!

  3. Thanks for playing along this month! I love how you showcased Sue's beads - I'm envisioning a sweater now with the beaded beads as buttons. What an ingenious way to use them!

  4. Karen, thank you so much for your amazingly wonderful compliments about our group! And thank you for playing along! I love the way you used the beaded beads and the clasp was an excellent idea!

    1. Sue thanks so much for sharing your pretty beads--lucky me!

  5. I was so touched by your comments about our team. Thank you! Your use of the beaded bead as a button clasp is so inventive and I love how it echos the other beaded bead in the bracelet. Nice work.

  6. Lovely bracelet and how clever to use the bead as a clasp! Nice touch. I don't like to wear bracelets because they get in my way all the time, but I would consider wearing this one! And I just have to say thank you for saying such nice things about us :-) Thanks for reading AJE and for participating in the challenge this month!

  7. Neat use of the beads. Your beads really accent the challenge beads so well. Great Job!

  8. Beautifu bracelet and thabk you so much for your kind words about the AJE team :0)

  9. What a beautiful bracelet. I love how you used one for the clasp. Great job.

  10. Thanks you all for your words of encouragement and for continuing to inspire others. Have a great week!

  11. Late to the hop - thank you! I think we are a friendly bunch too... ;-)
    The bead as button is ingenious! Your colors are lovely. The gold findings bring a little extra dazzle to the mix - I like how they play off the dichroic!

  12. Beautiful bracelet! Love that you used one of the beads as a button! Thanks for playing!

  13. That's beautiful! I love that you've used one for a clasp... great idea!

  14. You crack me up. I don't scare anyone! I like the way you used the beads and color choices.


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