Monday, May 4, 2015

Supplies Added To Our Shop

We are expanding our Etsy shop to include beautiful lapidary work in jewelry supplies.  To start out we listed a few gemstone cabochons.  We will expand this section very soon. 

Agate is a semi-precious silica mineral and is a favorite among jewelry makers because of the interesting variation of grain and color.  Polished agate is a wonderful stone that usually includes bands of color and sometimes crystals are present, like in the photo above.  Stones come in so many colors, depending on where it was mined. 

This stone has been used for centuries, there are early recordings of agate mining in Europe dating to the 1400’s. Ancient treasures have been found including bowls, pendants (believed to having healing properties) and vases.  

Some folks love agate for its interesting colors while others believe that its strong connection to the earth gives it the healing properties such as strength, protection and harmony. 

Our beads were created from raw forms of agate, cut, drilled and polished. 

Dinosaurs were roaming the earth approximately 245 million years ago.  The name dinosaur comes from the Greek work deinos meaning fearfully great and sauros meaning reptile or lizard.  Dino bones are ancient fossilized bones that turned to rock (stones).  To think that these amazing creatures walked the earth millions of years ago and that paleontologists are able to find skeletal remains today just amazes me. 

When asked most gemologists are not sure what part of the world a specific dinosaur bone came from nevertheless these stones are popular among jewelry makers.  Cellular formations within the bone make them interesting to look at and talk about.  Most of the stones on the market today are bone fragments. 

Some believe that fossilized dinosaur bone increases physical energy, communication, healing of broken bones and that is helps increase memory.

Obsidian (Volcanic Glass)

Obsidian, better known as natural glass of volcanic origin, is formed by the rapid cooling of lava.   This is one of my favorite stones.  One of the things I find interesting about obsidian is that some stones are composed of many, many tiny crystalline materials.  The crystals are so closely spaced that they appear as one.  If you read up on obsidian you will learn more about what an interesting mineral this is. 

History buffs know that obsidian was widely used by ancient peoples to make weapons, tools, and even mirrors.  Arrowhead artifacts reveal that this stone is one of the sharpest and hardest.   

Like many gemstones obsidian comes in many colors and properties.  We have Blue Snowflake Obsidian in our shop. 

Some believe that the properties of obsidian are both soothing and grounding.  Healers often believe the specific color of the stone also has specific healing powers. 

This is just a small sample of the many good things to come!  Please stop by periodically to see new additions in shop our shop sections.

Some of the photos published here belong to their respective owners.  

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