Thursday, May 28, 2015


Life is pulling me in many directions these days; my health, my garden, my family, the J.O.B., my chickens…you know what I’m talking about.  Despite my lack of focus there has been a lot of activity in our shop this past month! 
We’re not getting any activity on Etsy other than team generated likes, etc.  Even though I’ve read many, many blog posts and books about marketing, SEO and blogging there are days where I just don’t feel that the results warrant the time and energy that I have put into this.  Right now we are only posting a few items on our Fairies Market Etsy site because shop members are having better luck by focusing their efforts elsewhere like craft fairs and local art shows.  

My goal is to be a successful blogger who has time to post on several sites and create relationships, building on those relationships and working together on artful projects.  Creating success for all!  Strategizing and understanding the numbers is an area that I’m learning more about but when I’m doing that I’m not creating.  How do you do both?  Do tell how you maintain "balance".
I’m happy to report that the other shop members are creating and selling and growing the business!!  Go TEAM!  Knowing what makes people make a purchase is analytical, I know.  Artists aren’t always analytical and techies aren’t always crafty.  Here we are back at finding balance - it is tough at times.
Trying to create a successful campaign is where I’m at so if you have any helpful hints or recommendations please share that information in the comment box below.  I know there are readers out there that could use some helpful hints (besides me).  

One thing I know for sure is that this path is different for everyone.  There is no set number of hours that will give you “X” results.  It is a lot of work and something you have to work at if you want MAJOR results for your site.  I'd be happy with a few more followers but without the content that's unrealistic.
Below are some helpful sites that I’ve found online for creating a blog, maintaining a blog, SEO, finding your niche, etc.  I hope you find this information helpful.  Please share your tips with our audience. 
You will find lots of helpful information on creating and blogging at Interweave. 

Want to learn how to make money with your blog check out.....

Need help adding social media icons to your sight?  I found some helpful hints on Sew Many Ways you'll lots of good information and fun link parties here too.

Have a lovely day!!

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  1. I've been reading a ton of blogging books lately and have started a list of podcasts to listen to, I'm going to add that one! Thanks for the recommendation!


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